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Awakening The Master Feminine *Best Seller*

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Awakening The Master Feminine

Unlock the full potential of the Feminine energy! … Begin a journey toward a more 'Natural' Gender Experience! … Asleep inside every Woman resides a dormant Goddess. Explore the Feminine Archetypes, 2nd Puberty, the Womb Imprint, understand your Sexual Broadcast, Tantra, and all aspects of the Female Energy…

$22.95 207 pages; Non-fiction; ISBN 978 0 9643263-4-7


In a perfect world this book would be required reading at the gradeschool level. At 45 years of age, I was exposed to information for the first time in this book. It has allowed me to better understand the source of many of the malodies that plague not only my life but the lives of so many of the people around me. Even more importantly, this book gave me a step by step blueprint for healing these malodies and becoming the best and highest version of myself, something we all need. - Stan Steele

I recommend every man read Master Yao's "Awakening the Master Feminine". Get past the cover and read the contents. I wish I had this information available as a young man, I believe it would have saved me a lot of frustration and anger over the years. What I experienced was confirmed in this book and that is, every woman is not able to receive the love you are making available to her. A man entering into mature manhood (and that takes place at any age) who is now ready to love his woman needs to know how to identify the things that will prevent her from being present with him before making the decision to bring her in. This is the new Birds and the Bee's for my son and two daughters, believe me. - Michael Smith

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