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Awakening the Master Masculine

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Men today are seeking to perform the tasks of husband, father, warrior and businessman without all the possible tools available to him. Most men never finished puberty. Men today are not using 75 to 80% of the possible male attributes available to them. Until now! Master Yao Nyamekye unlocks the Master Masculine Faculty, and reveals how to bring more of your masculine energy on line. Using this faculty, men can achieve better outcomes in relationships, sports, health and career. Following this blueprint will elevate a male into the top 5% of male performers.

Awakening the Master Masculine presents in simple language how to develop the subliminal, mental, physical and energetic attributes necessary to excel at male life tasks. Intimacy reaches new heights through the science of Active Tantra. Move through life smoothly and seamlessly using the science of yearly cycles and the Bagua. Navigate through difficult social and relationship landscapes using the magnetic power of refined masculine energy. Forecast relationship outcomes ahead of time by perfecting your female “radar”. Map the life of your children ahead of time and know the key “crossroads” points in their development cycles. Pinpoint the spiritual forces around you that have obstructed or supported you.

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