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Course Directory

360 Degrees of Tantra Course

Path to High Level Orgasm

Awakening the Master Masculine

Awakening the Master Feminine

Path to High-Value Relationships
& Detox From Porn & Toxic Relating 

The House of Money

The Seven Star System

About the Courses

The Grand Trine Life System is organic and natural. The root of the science is the Amanmere Research Project.

The courses are presented via video. We use the Vimeo platform. Some courses include a workbook to walk you through the material in the video. You may start a course at any time and progress at your own pace. To supplement this Grand Trine presents a clinic on each course twice a year. The clinics are live and filled with demonstrations and frank discussion. Questions may be addressed via email and phone.

Instructor Clinics & Practicums 

Twice each year Grand Trine presents a clinic associated with each course. These live seminars are typically held in the Atlanta Metro area. One can attend in person or via zoom. The typical clinic can range from 3 to 12 days. Students who took the official course in the last 12 months are automatically pre-qualified. No additional tuition is required. However a small setup fee ($40 to $80) may be charged depending on the location. A previous course registration is required to attend.

The schedule of course clinics for first half of 2022 is here. 

Course Clinics
Start Date
Awakening the Master Feminine
18 June
Path To High Level Orgasm
21 July
9 days
Awakening the Master Masculine
7 May
The House of Money
26 March
The Path to High Value Relationships Detox From Porn and Toxic Relating.
12 March
360 Degrees of Tantra
8 Jan
10 days

Note:  The more people who attend, and the more questions asked, the longer the clinics last.

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