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The Grand Trine Life System

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“Welcome to Grand Trine!

Seven Star Continuum Program

Stay Current With GT Advances

Engage with Master Yao Twice each month.

It is recommended that you have taken a previous course or program.


Explore next level techniques!

New insights into old material! 


This is a subscription billed at $200 per month. 

Cancel at any time.

The Chronicle of Grand Trine

The Grand Trine Life System was created in 1997. It dates back to the Amanmere Research Project conducted from 1990 to 1996 by Master Yao. It was a study of various indigenous cultures. It was especially a study of natural cycles and phenomena. One of the major finds during this time, was the Venerable Seven Star System, a codex for living a natural life. It would become one of the pillars of the GTLS.  

We desire that through these books and programs each client or student should become the highest and best version of themselves. The tenets and operating principles of Grand Trine can be defined as being natural, organic and indigenous in origin. They arise out of the universal patterns and blueprints existing in nature.

About The Company  

Grand Trine is an adult education and training company. Grand Trine is short for the Grand Trine Life System®, the system upon which the products and programs are based. The courses address overall personal wellness, spiritual maturity, sexual fitness, financial wellbeing and masculine and feminine archetypes. The company also sells books, which support the programs. We offer private coaching/training for those upscale clients who desire a program tailored to fit their individual needs. The company was started in 1996 under the name Black River Press. The revised adult training component was launched in 2010. The company offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Yao Nyamekye Morris founded the company, and is the current C. E. O.

Policy & Privacy

Attendance at exclusive events/activities may require an additional fee. Some workshops, events and entertainment may contain adult content. Persons must be 18 years of age or older to attend. The membership and its collective activity is a “private space”. As such any member may not share information, video, recordings, photos or information of other members without the written permission of the authorized staff of Grand Trine. Members agree to hold Grand Trine, its corporate agents, employees and Master Yao harmless against any loss or injury resulting from engagement or participation.

Tuition fees paid for courses and workshops are non-refundable. The fees paid for books are non-refundable, except when the product is not delivered. The videos, documents, Tantra techniques and general content are intellectual property of Grand Trine and as such may not be shared, copied, duplicated, distributed or taught without express written prior permission. 

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